About 30 years ago, Grant started as an iron-workers laborer. He promised someday he would be a notable figure in the construction industry. A humbling beginning from digging ditches by day to educating himself each night. Grant's reputation for exceptional work in this industry offered all the opportunities ever needed to excel. He gained his diverse work experience through two TOP 50 ENR contractors, the Country’s largest Luxury Retail contractors and several international General Contractors abroad. He's managed commercial, restaurant, retail commercial, mid-rise, and institutional projects ranging from $1.5-$37 million each. Since the 2008 recession and corporate downsizing, his frustration for employment and unscrupulous practices of other builders afforded him a unique opportunity. Thus, creating BCM Morring Company, Inc. This new formation has given him the ability to be resilient in an ever evolving, fast paced industry. The desire to prove client commitment, project responsibility, and honesty is still a reality in this industry. Grant desires to build better, safer, and morally accountable relationships are apparent in every project and relationship today.

"BCM is confident in our approach to complete customer satisfaction and project excellence, we are developing as an industry leader. We are committed to perfection by a fault and continue to educate our people to create an experienced team environment- for you, OUR CUSTOMER".

Corporate Profile


Grant H. Morring


Brian Wittendorfer

Senior Project Manager

Jonathan A. Avery

Chief Financial Officer


“What I like Most about working at BCM Morring is I am part of something bigger. BCM believes what they say and show that in everything they do. Everyone is like family and make me feel like my role is important, that means a lot.”

Michele- Assistant Project Manager

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